You decide what you pay at theater De Nieuwe Vorst

This year, De Nieuwe Vorst once again opts to let visitors to all performances and events in December and the first week of January decide for themselves what they will pay for a ticket. You reserve a ticket through the site and only pay what you can afford after the performance. This can be less than the ticket price because you are tight on money, or more if you have more to spend.

The action is an excellent opportunity for people who normally cannot afford a theater ticket, but also if you want to try a more experimental performance or attend an event in the Kraakkelder. Last year, the promotion drew enthusiastic responses from the audience: "This was a party. The performance was delightful and I wouldn't have gone if it weren't for the 'pay what you want' month. Nice to have my enthusiasm and my financial ability determine the price of the performance." 

"Apart from the idea of making it more accessible to anyone, it invites you to try a show more often."


In December you can go, among other things, to Vast, the thrilling story of a prison bully by Nic Bruckman and Nineties, to the wrangly-comic performance Wittgenstein 2 by Bo Tarenskeen and to the challenging Try not to know what you know by Merel Severs in which fixed ideas about masculinity and femininity are dismantled in the form of a kickboxing fight. Or descend to the Kraakkelder, where young Tilburgers present their idiotic fascinations and outrageous ideas.

Photographer: Liza Kollau


You can also take advantage of the action at De Nieuwe Vorst during the SNERT youth theater festival. So you can enjoy The Big Here I Don't Feel Like Show by Artemis, or take a look at The Full Garbage Cart by Schippers&VanGucht. 

If you are inspired check out the entire program on the website.

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