Who are you exploring with?

Tilburg is the perfect city for citizens and visitors who want to explore and who are open to new
experiences. In short: urban scouts! It doesn’t really matter if you’re into culture, nature, food & drinks or shopping. Tilburg is guaranteed to surprise you and is open all year round. But where to start your exploration? Luckily, Ticket to Tilburg’s got you covered. We’re letting you explore the city with real Tilburgers! Urban scouts who are eager to show you their favorite places and hotspots in town. Are you young and impulsive, or someone with a little bit more life experience who’s looking for an enriching city visit? Are you an active family person or an urban adventurer? Just select the route that suits you best and start exploring!

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Maps & Locations

Rather take the map with you? That's possible! The maps with the routes of our Urban Scouts are scattered throughout the city. You can take them for free at all the locations of Anne and Marlijne.