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Tilburg is open 365 days a year. And we celebrate every day. Because Tilburg is in such as favourable geographical location, you can get here in the blink of an eye from anywhere in the Netherlands. Plenty is happening in the city, so come on over and have a look. Check out our total line-up and feel our warm welcome!

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Markt Koningsplein

6 December, 7 December and 6 more days

De La Trappe fietsroute

until 1 January 2020

Abdij Koningshoeven
Group trips in autumn

until 22 December

Burgemeester Brokxlaan 12
50 years EKWC

until 9 February 2020

De Pont museum
Unter Nachbarn

until 29 January 2020


until 31 May 2020

Ice-skating on the Heuvelplein!

7 December 2019 until 5 January 2020

Denzel Curry in 013

Sunday 8 December

Poppodium 013
The LocHal Express

Sunday 8 December

Central Station Tilburg