We are Marketing Tilburg

"Tilburg is de stad waar het normaal is dat gewone mensen samen buitengewone dingen creëren"

Since 2015, Stichting Marketing Tilburg has been implementing the municipal city marketing policy.

We are the Marketing Tilburg Foundation. We have the wonderful role of positioning Tilburg, both nationally and internationally. We believe in Tilburg. With specialized top marketers, a huge network, living and staying in the city, we know what is happening in Tilburg and how to market the city. We are at the base of the Tilburg brand and cherish it. We are part of a national and international city marketing network and bring, get and share knowledge with partners in the city. We know and work with the visions and agendas of our partners and connect them with each other. We are the party that can turn vision into execution and switch quickly from strategy to operation, from thinking to doing. We think along and coordinate. We have an advisory role and make their initiatives even bigger together with and for partners. Meanwhile, Stichting Marketing Tilburg has six years of experience. In this period we have learned a lot. As much as we want to offer everything and everyone a stage, we now go for complete focus.

We do this through four platforms:

Want to read more about us? Read our Strategic Plan here: Strategisch plan: Kiezen is Winnen

Contact information

Marketing Tilburg
Plan-t, Burgemeester Stekelenburgplein 199 Unit 1.1, 5041 SC Tilburg
KvK 63633620                         
BTW 8553.25.288.B.01