Night University 2024

On May 16th, we are opening our doors to everyone, young and old, completely free of charge! Departments, study associations, and partners will present in a lighthearted manner a cross-section of 'Tilburg Sciences', all centered around this year's theme: Facts and Fables!

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

How do we know if something is true or not? Scientists are continuously engaged in this task: through experiments and trials, through observation and measurement, through interviewing, through debunking illusions, through unraveling vast amounts of data, and so on. With all these scientific facts and insights, we can better understand the world. What do we at Tilburg University contribute to the truth?

But even in our daily lives, we are faced with the challenge of determining what is true and what is not. We are inundated with information and confronted with fake news, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and advertising. There are many messengers who hold their own truths and try to influence you. Especially now, with technological (data) advancements developing so rapidly, you can easily be led astray. How do we ensure that facts prevail over fiction?

Location: Campus Tilburg University