Cat's Cult

Since 2022, 013 x The Cat's Back presents Cat's Cult! Every first Wednesday of the month, we organize a punk/garage night featuring emerging Dutch bands. These shows take place in the cozy Tilburg bar The Cat's Back, and admission is free!

In the past, we've had Marathon, Bad Penny, The Covids, Smudged, Andy & The Antichrist, and more. Be sure to arrive early because from experience, we know: full = full!

For the next band, we have a fun riddle: what do sperm cells, bread, a lactose-intolerant cowboy, and intestines have in common? On stage, kboy and the goodzo boys have experienced it all! This childlike post-punk band is a big fan of The Garden, Cake, B-52's, Kleenex, and Shannon and the Clams, but according to some, their music sounds more like Britney Spears in clogs. Come by this Wednesday and judge for yourself!

The four-piece Amsterdam-based SNACKBAR combines noisy garage punk with Dutch lyrics taken straight from life, resulting in messy grab-and-go music. It's a unique combination that comes together in admirable ways, guaranteeing a wild night at The Cat's Back!


  • Wednesday the 1st of may 2024 from 21:00 to 20:45