De Zuiderzwam

At the end of 2016, ZuiderZwam in Tilburg started growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds. It couldn't be much more sustainable!

At catering establishments and the municipality of Tilburg, an electric tuktuk collects coffee grounds three times a week. This residue from your cappuccino or espresso has nutritional value. Throwing it away is a waste!

At the sustainable, circular, green entrepreneurial garden Un Bietje Groen, this 'waste' is mixed with spores of the oyster mushroom and this growing mix is hung away in refrigerated containers. A generous amount of patience plus a dash of love later, the healthy, protein-rich fungi pop out of their cocoon. And not only are they healthy for humans, the environment also benefits: producing imported beef requires about 1,000 times as much water! This takes the circular economy a step further; from waste reduction to food production!


Un Bietje Groen
Koningshoeven 62
5018 AB Tilburg
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