Today, TerraVie stands for fresh home-grown produce with top-notch quality! They only achieve this by treating the plants and animals with love and attention.

In 2006, Bart Vromans founded the company TerraVie, located on the outskirts of Loon op Zand. At the time, only redcurrants were grown and sorted there. In recent years, the company has undergone many changes; the acreage of redcurrants has doubled, cherry trees have been planted, Black Angus cattle have been introduced, a farm shop with accompanying terrace has opened, the challenge of organic strawberry & raspberry growing has been taken up ánd Hanneke Versteijnen has become a partner in the company after 10 years of being a permanent employee.

Soil fertility and plant health are components of great importance within the company. Nutrients must be present in a good balance in both the soil and the plant. As a result, a plant will grow healthily and diseases and pests have less chance. Having this in order helps them grow organically.