Smeer 'm

At Smeer 'm you can go for the most delicious lunch dishes and a good cup of coffee. The menu features delicious meat, fish and vega(n) options to make you happy. In the heart of the Spoorzone you can find them and Ticket to Tilburg went by!

Hello ladies, who are you?

"We are Saskia and Martine and together we are the owners of Smeer'm. Our main activity is actually business catering. We also have our lunch place in the Spoorzone, better known to most people than our catering business. In October this year we will have been in this place for 8 years already." 

What can we come to Smeer 'm for? 

"To have lunch! The opening hours of our kitchen are from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 15.00. Outside these times it is also possible to rent the place for parties & celebrations. So then people come to have a nice drink!"

What a selection, what do you recommend?

"I think the lunch board, because then you can taste everything on the menu!" 

What is typically Tilburgian about the restaurant?

"I think the industrial building where we are located."