Stoom 013

For a delicious snack, you've come to the right place at Stoom013. In this old train car you can find the best coffees, drinks and snacks. So are you hungry or thirsty? Then stop by the drivers of this train car: Lukas and Bob.

What makes Stoom013 unique?

Bob: "Stoom013's specialty lies in the passion for the products we offer and especially the specialty coffees we serve."

What do people come to your establishment for?

Lukas: "People come to us for the quality, but certainly also the casual atmosphere of the business and the surroundings."

What makes Stoom013 typically Tilburg?

Bob: "That must be us, the born and raised Tilburg owners. In addition, Stoom013 is located in an old freight wagon in the middle of the railroad zone, an area that has occupied an important place in Tilburg for 150 years. Steam013 makes a nice bridge between the past and the new future of the area."