De Annahoeve

In the Brabant village of De Moer adjacent to nature reserve Huis ter Heide lies our almost 100-year-old farm where nature is taken into account as much as possible. This is good for the animals, the landscape and for you.

Honest products 

On the farm, Paul and Ingrid produce dairy, beef, eggs and honey. They are happy to show you how they do it. These products are sold in the farm shop, farm vending machines or webshop.

Regional products, gifts and delicacies

Besides their own products, they also sell regional products from the area around the Loonse and Drunense Dunes. The pork and chicken also come from here. They also have delicious delicacies and all kinds of gift packages, possibly custom-made. Everything has a story behind it.


De Annahoeve
Zijstraat 25
De Moer
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