Club Smederij

Club Smederij in the Spoorzone is the place to be for the coolest events. The building used to function as a station for train engines and therefore has an industrial look and feel. 

From hip-hop to techno and from disco to the most famous hits. You can dance to all kinds of different musical genres at Club Smederij. A gem in the Spoorzone and so it's about time Ticket to Tilburg took a look.

Hi, who are you?

"I'm Erwin Schellekens."

What do people come to Club Smederij for?

"People come to us for the music, fun and experiencing nightlife and club culture."

What makes the club special?

"Club Smederij's specialty is our club nights. Dancing, celebrating and enjoying each other, yourself and music late into the night."

What is typically Tilburgian about the place?

"There is a very convivial and 'us know us' atmosphere in the club. We have a regular group of visitors who know how to find us and that community is very close. Also, of course, our location in the heart of the Spoorzone."