Vittorio Perzisch ijs

An ice cream stand with a story and a message. And, of course, super delicious ice cream. This Persian ice cream stand is a feast for your taste buds and a feast for the eyes. A meeting place for good food and good conversation.

What do people come to your business for?

Vittorio: "More than four years ago I created a living room near the swing bridge in Piushaven for people who find it important to talk to each other. A social meeting place to connect the lonely."

What is typically Tilburgish about your business?

Vittorio: "I don't want to be an average ice cream man. I try to surprise my guests with unique products from my homeland. I'm more of a storyteller than an ice cream man. People like to come here to listen to my stories."

Who are the entrepreneurs?  

Vittorio says, "I work alone."


Havendijk 35 01
5017 AL Tilburg
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