De Zandkant

Jan and Anja Denissen together run Camping Farm de Zandkant in the village of Biezenmortel. On the farm, they have beef cows, which spend most of the year grazing in the nature reserve of De Loonse en Drunense Duinen.

The delicious, tender meat from these cows is for sale in our farm shop. It is also possible to stay overnight on the farm campsite. Children can play with their friends on the large camping field and cuddle with the animals on the farm.

Brabants Duingoed 

It is also affiliated with Brabants Duingoed. For generation after generation, the Dune Farmers have been working and living with their families in this rural area around the Loonse and Drunense Dunes. Every day, the Duinboeren there passionately tend their animals, make regional products manage nature and receive. They are also committed to soil, water and environmental quality. Driven, with respect for the environment and always looking for the connection between farmer, land, nature and inhabitants. 

Come and enjoy Brabant hospitality and taste the delicious meat of the cows!


Oude Bossche Baan 14
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