Mood recently opened a restaurant in Tilburg. The restaurant is located at the Burgermeester Stekelenburgplein, in the railroad zone. You can go to Mood for lunch or dinner.  You can enjoy classic French dishes and delicacies with special flavor and texture combinations, inspired by authentic Asian cuisine.

Ticket to Tilburg thought it was time to meet her new neighbors and paid them a visit!

Who is the entrepreneur?

"Eveline Wu. Her roots are in a small village in the countryside, near Shanghai. Once in the Netherlands, Eveline mastered the Dutch language and started working in the hospitality industry. In 1999 she opened the first wok restaurant in the Netherlands. Later followed De Kreeftenbar, MOOD, Soho and Wynwood. During the World Championship Chinese Cuisine in 2016, Eveline won a gold medal with her dessert."

What do people come to Mood for?

"Mood by Eveline Wu combines a modern and trendy interior with exquisite international cuisine. Therefore, the reason customers come to Mood is because of the combination of classic French dishes and delicacies with special flavor and texture combinations."

What is Mood's specialty?

"The sushi boat is one of Mood's specialties. The boat is richly filled with different rolls of sushi and sashimi."

What is typically Tilburgian about Mood?

"Eveline Wu grew up in Udenhout which is the municipality of Tilburg and that's why she also wanted to establish Mood in Tilburg."

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