Adi(c)sco: Club Guy & Roni invites: Cecilia Moisio

In the annually recurring Club Guy & Roni Invites, the international dance company Club Guy & Roni invites a promising creator. They select talented makers with whom they feel a strong connection and whom they are eager to present to a larger audience.

With Club Guy & Roni Invites, the new generation of dance creators is making its mark with poignant, urgent, interdisciplinary, and compelling performances. This time: Cecilia Moisio.

ADI(C)SCO is a seemingly endless dance trip in search of euphoria, of endlessly continuing and losing yourself in it: in other words, addiction. The performance breathes the atmosphere of the disco era, when the club scene and club drugs became popular. ADI(C)SCO is a party that gets out of hand and never ends. With 1970s aesthetics, extravagant characters, and pulsating beats.

With this performance, Cecilia aims to address the taboos and shame surrounding addiction. Moisio herself grew up with an alcoholic father and therefore has a strong personal motivation to address this issue.


  • Thursday the 30th of may 2024 at 20:30