Me&You: In a Dialogue - Nikita Maheshwary | DansBrabant

The audience is invited to read letters: letters from 'me' to 'you'. The letters touch on themes such as care, guilt, limitations, motherhood, nationalism, decolonization, and dubious historiography - seen through the eyes of a colored dancing girl - the naachnewali - me.

We, me&you, share 75 minutes to jointly orchestrate this experience: by reading aloud, walking around, listening to other voices, or simply by immersing ourselves in all the impressions gained during previous encounters with me.

The Indo-Dutch Nikita Maheshwary is a performance artist, choreographer, dramaturge, and art teacher. Her artistic research primarily focuses on the intersection of gender, culture, and identity. She currently works mainly as a choreographer and dramaturge and teaches at ACaPA and the Dance Academy of Fontys Academy of Arts in Tilburg.


  • Friday the 24th of may 2024 at 20:00