Tilburg on Stage

During Festival Tilburg on Stage, leisure artists from the Municipality of Tilburg go 'on stage' and show what talented Tilburg has to offer. Experience how over 50 acts including associations, groups and individual participants from many art disciplines make it a party.

At Festival Tilburg on Stage, we bring together choirs, individual artists, visual arts, dance and much more to show what Tilburg has to offer. With many acts, we promise a colourful mix of music ensembles, choirs, spoken word artists, theatre-makers and street dancers who will give substance to the festival together.

Festival Tilburg on Stage is a collaboration between Art-fact with Factorium, Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg and Federatie Tilburgse Zangkoren. In short, Festival Tilburg on Stage is the place where leisure art, culture and creativity come together.

The festival takes you to the beating heart of Tilburg, spread across various locations, including the Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg and Factorium Cultuurmakers. Be surprised by performances on the route between these special places as well. Experience wonderful acts, go exploring, and discover all that Tilburg has to offer.

Be aware! You can register until 1 February


  • Sunday the 23rd of june 2024