'En Attendant Ana', the Parisian quintet, released their third album 'Principia' in February 2023, a refined collection of indie pop that marks a significant step forward.

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Led by Margaux Bouchaudon, with the addition of trumpet and saxophone by Camille Frechou, the band explores worldly confusion with a cinematic, romantic twist.

Band leader and primary songwriter Margaux Bouchaudon's voice anchors many of the songs on "Principia", her crystal-clear vocals sounding like a bell while the band floats and sways beneath her. The songs on "Principia" were composed from a state of confusion about the state of the world and its place in it, seeking answers both inward and outward. They question our perception of others, those they have of us, and ultimately those we have of ourselves in a society where the individual is king and the group is forgotten.