Tilburg Trappers

For those who think that hockey is a typical Canadian game, think again. This sport is also practiced with passion in our cold frog country. Tilburg is a good example of this. The talents of the ice hockey team Tilburg Trappers have scored several prizes both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Tilburg Trappers started in 1938 as Tilburgsche IJS Sport Club (TIJSC). In 1993 they played their first match and in 1947 they won their first national title. The team has the longest continuous presence at the highest level in the Netherlands. And with thirteen national titles and thirteen national cups, Trappers is also the most successful team.

The first ice rink in Tilburg was on the Elzenstraat, but after its closure in 1952, hockey is not played for 12 years. From the end of the sixties the success period starts in the Pellikaanhal, which at the end of the nineties is exchanged for the current IJssportcentrum Tilburg at the Stappegoorweg.

Tilburg Trappers was going to play in the German Oberliga Nord (third division) in the 2015/2016 season in order to raise the level. Meanwhile there are three Oberliga titles to their name. Home games are played regularly. Do you want to experience this extreme sport up close? Click on one of the matches below to buy tickets.