Discover Tilburg with a discount!

Are you visiting Tilburg and want to enjoy the best offers? Then the Ticket to Tilburg pass is a must have! For only €10,- you and three others can use this pass to visit Tilburg's stores, museums and restaurants and get the best deals!

The discount offers and sales points will be updated regularly. So keep an eye on this page! We will contact you after purchase to determine what location you would wish to receive the pass.

Discount codes - Recieve discounts with the Ticket to Tilburg pass at the following locations

Verkoopunten - De Ticket to Tilburg pas is te koop bij de volgende locaties

Praktische Informatie:


- The Ticket to Tilburg pass costs €10,-;
- The pass is valid for 30 days after issue;
- The pass is valid for a maximum of 4 people;
- Any questions? Please contact;