Who will be The New Vincent of 2021?

In the coming weeks, young people between the ages of 10 and 14 can send in their very best drawings to compete for a sought-after place at The New Vincent! This successful talent program starts in May and can accommodate up to fifteen young people, who will follow master classes and excursions and work towards an exhibition in December.

Participants in The New Vincent can look forward to a creative period with a group of like-minded peers. They receive guidance from artists and drawing teachers at Vincent's Tekenlokaal. They'll go on trips to an art museum, an artist's studio and an art academy, where they get a lot of inspiration and are introduced to new techniques. 


Friends, family and other interested parties will have the opportunity to admire all the new work during an exhibition on December 19. Finally, the jury will choose one participant who may call themselves The New Vincent 2021. They will receive a prize that can further stimulate this development.


The New Vincent is specially for boys and girls between 10 and 14 years who want to further develop their drawing and painting skills. Entries can be submitted until April 25, 2021, but earlier is also possible! 

From all entries, a jury chooses a maximum of 15 participants, paying attention to creativity and individuality. The young talents will get to work during approximately 12 meetings on Sundays and sometimes on Saturdays during the months of May through December. Participation costs nothing, only time and creativity. For more information and registration go to www.denieuwevincent.nl.

Vincent's Art Room

As of 2013 The New Vincent is being organized by Vincent's Tekenlokaal. This art room in the Spoorzone is named after Vincent van Gogh, who took art classes at the HBS in Tilburg when he was a teenager. In Vincent's Art Room adults and children have the opportunity to discover how much fun it is to draw and to develop their skills. The 20 digital drawing tablets are unique.
From 2022 onwards the talent programme will also be launched in other regions of the province, the regions where Van Gogh lived or worked during a certain period of his life. This is made possible by a subsidy from the Province of North Brabant.

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