WeAr Tilburg: unique merchandise from your favourite hospitality establishments

It seems like an eternity since we were able to enjoy restaurants, outdoor cafes or an evening at the pub. With a new extension of the lockdown, there seems little light at the end of the tunnel and although pubs and restaurants are making the best of it with their own delivery services and takeaway counters, many entrepreneurs in the catering industry have problems up to their necks. Time to do something, thought a number of Tilburg organizations. Together they present WeAr Tilburg, a collaborative project designed to give the Tilburg hospitality industry mental and financial support.

At the time of the lockdown, it becomes even more apparent how important and beloved many Tilburg cafes, restaurants and hotels are. The places where we meet others for dinner or drinks are currently sorely missed. And when restaurants do organize something - be it online - it is often followed up en masse. So if you can buy merchandise from your favorite band or festival, why not from your beloved cafe, restaurant or hotel?

Unique merchandise

With this in mind, Tilburg.com, Ondernemersfonds Tilburg, Ollie's and Marketing Tilburg put their heads together. Ben Smit, Travel & Trade Marketer at Citymarketing Tilburg explains: "Martijn van Son of Café Bakker tipped us off about a similar support action for the local hospitality industry in Breda. We discussed the idea the same day with various Tilburg parties and translated it into this typical Tilburg city initiative.' The result is WeAr Tilburg: a collaborative partnership whose product is a line of hoodies, T-shirts and totebags, each with an illustration of the facade of a Tilburg hotel, bar or restaurant. With the sale of these unique items, the initiators hope to raise a nice amount of money for the hospitality industry entrepreneurs who are currently struggling.

Unique illustrations

For the design of the items, collaboration was sought with illustrator Koen de Vreeze, who himself lived a large part of his life in Tilburg. It was his special task to meticulously draw the facades of about 150 catering establishments. 'It is quite unique to visualize the city in such a way. I can really indulge myself and while drawing I notice that Tilburg is really a beautiful city with extraordinary facades, pubs and cafes.



The printing of the clothing and totebags will be provided by Ollie's. Owner Olivier Jaspers is proud that he can mean something for the hospitality industry in Tilburg and bring some positivity to the people. About the merchandise Jaspers says: 'We have chosen sustainable products. Our hoodies and shirts, for example, are made of organic cotton and are printed with water-based inks. We choose a premium quality, so everyone can enjoy the WeAr Tilburg products for a long time.'

According to project manager Jannet Wouters, the Entrepreneurs Fund is looking for ways to support entrepreneurs, especially in these times. We do this by offering practical help, but also by contributing financially and operationally to a sympathetic campaign such as WeAr Tilburg,' says Wouters.


As of Friday, February 5, the merchandise of about 150 different establishments in Tilburg can be pre-ordered at www.weartilburg.nl. The hoodies cost €45,- euro, T-shirts can be ordered for €25,- euro and the totebags are sold for €9,95. Except for the costs made, the entire proceeds will go directly to the catering establishment. This comes down to an amount of €20 per hoodie, €10 per T-shirt and €5 per bag. For those who don't want to go out but still want to support the local hospitality industry, Tour de Ville, the Tilburg courier service, will ensure that the ordered WeAr Tilburg items are delivered at your doorstep.

We hope that the entire Tilburg community will support the hospitality industry by wearing a WeAr Tilburg T-shirt, hoodie or bag. Because in Tilburg we always do it together,' concludes Ivan Mols, co-director of Tilburg.com.

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