Celebrate life with Lockdown Libi 3.0

For the third time, Ateliers Tilburg foundation, together with creative partners, brings a fresh and surprising program for the May break. With a mix of music, art, theater, philosophy, design, food and more, young people can join online events hosted by Pieterboys, Studio Bangana, Coloray, IFFI Studio, theater maker Reno van Rijswijk and actress Florence Vos Weeda, Intercept and Brian Omen, T*Agency and Stad van Makers, among others, during the May vacation.

Are you ready to be inspired? Join from your own couch, a picnic blanket in the park, or any other favorite location and celebrate easiness, spring, and life! ('Libi is Surinamese/street language for 'life'). The program consists of both active workshops and an art treasure hunt through Tilburg, as well as more in-depth sessions. All information about Lockdown Libi 3.0 can be found at www.atelierstilburg.nl. Lockdown Libi 3.0 takes place from May 1 to 9 and can be followed - free of charge - online. ANNOUNCED EVENTS (more to come...)


May 3 - 9
Stad van Makers and Ateliers Tilburg have set up a search for small art gifts under the name #schatvanmakers. The lucky finders can trace the packages at various locations in Tilburg. Hints about the location of the packages will be revealed during Lockdown Libi via the social media channels of Stad van Makers (@stadvanmakers) and Ateliers Tilburg (@atelierstilburg). A very good reason to follow the socials and search for small art treasures, including larger art gifts, during the May vacation.


Studio Bangana once again organizes Music Demo Feedback sessions. After experimenting with the feedback concept three times, Studio Bangana is going big this time. In three sessions, they will collaborate with Wisseloord Studios and 162 (the label of Ares). The demo sessions will be completely focused on hip hop.


Monday, May 03 | 8:00 pm
What is subsidy? Where can I find the grant that fits my project? What do I have to do to get it? For many young people, the route to grant funding often feels like an unclear and complicated process. During this masterclass, several grant experts will talk to Tyrone from T*Agency to provide a clearer picture of the grant world. In addition, they will also talk to you to see where your grant opportunities lie!


Thursday 06 May | 21.00 hours
On the program: murder (if it is a murder), amnesia, a bizarre thought experiment and the question what makes you 'you'. For a moment don't think of Covid, but play with a fine tangle of philosophical sociability. Join the discussion if you feel like it or listen to a good story and the ideas it evokes in others present. Hosted by Pieterboys with collaboration from Jenny Janssens and Tjeerd van der Laar.


09 May | 8 pm
Ableton Live is a tool for music production and unlike many other DAWs (digital audio workstation) is designed to be used as an instrument in live performances as well as for composing and arranging. Raynor de Groot a.k.a Coloray is an expert in this field and knows all the ins and outs of the program. Ask your questions via the chat or mail us in advance which topics you would like to see discussed. These can be sent to info@studiobangana.com

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