Tilburg-based metal band Autarkh plays debut at Roadburn Redux

| Sanne Leenders

In the weekend of April 16-18 Roadburn Redux takes place. More than 80 acts will pop into your living room via a live stream. One of the many acts is the Tilburg metal band Autarkh. With a livestream from 013, the band will present their debut album in its entirety on Friday. We spoke to the singer and guitarist of the band: Michel Nienhuis.

Autarkh is a new band formed in 2019. Michel explains, "Where my old band Dodecahedron stopped, the idea for Autarkh started. There was a lot of material left for a third Dodecahedron record that would not be released." A shame, Michel thought. And so he started reusing these songs. It had to have a different sound. Something unique that would be instantly recognizable to the listening public. So Michel went looking for the right band members. Together with David Luiten, Tijnn Verbruggen, Desmond Kuijk and Joris Bonis, Autarkh was born. This weekend they'll be showcasing their full debut album at Roadburn Redux. "The album is a combination of extreme metal with experimental electronic beats. The beats play with spatiality, like echoes that are present and suddenly fade away. I think we're putting down something that not many bands are doing yet."

Rockacademie as starting point

All band members are (former) Rockacademie students and came and stayed in Tilburg for the love of harder guitar music. Michel: "Tilburg was the only city with an education focused on pop music. What appealed to me was that they told me during the open day that you also learn how the music industry works. You learn to stand on your own two feet after you graduate, which is something I find very important. After my graduation I stayed in Tilburg. At the end of the 80s, places like Noorderligt and Bat Cave, which later merged into Poppodium 013, were created in Tilburg. Festivals like Roadburn, Neurotic Deathfest and Incubate also ensured that Tilburg became a good breeding ground for this scene. So the Rockacademie can be seen as the starting point of our band."

Performances from PaRaDoX and 013

Because we are unfortunately not allowed to attend Roadburn physically yet this year, this edition of Roadburn Redux takes place online. Previously we spoke with fan Tim van der Zanden about his view on this edition. But this year is also a very different experience for the bands playing here. How does Michel see this? "I've had the opportunity to play at Roadburn with another band before. that was such a cool and intense thing to do! You get a lot of direct reactions from the audience, which is of course completely different now. This year we will be performing live at 013 in the middle of a track with cameras all around us. Something we were fortunate enough to experience recently for the series Muziekstad by the VPRO. We will also be in PaRaDoX with our trio split off from Autarkh, called Autarkh III, with a recorded act. We may be playing in front of a camera, but it doesn't diminish our motivation and energy!"

Roadburn 2021 (Roadburn Redux) will take place online this year from Friday, April 16 through Sunday, April 18. The festival can be viewed live, but you can also watch it later at a convenient time. Please note: Roadburn Redux will not remain online forever, so don't wait too long! Roadburn Redux is free to watch. If you like you can leave a donation.

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