At-home Carnaval 2021: Everything you need to know

This year, Carnaval will look completely different, that much is clear. All the more reason for Tilburgers to make it a special edition. Whatever your budget, with these initiatives, our own Kruikenzeikers will bring Carnaval to your home this year. Alaaf!


To start the Carnival weekend off right, café de Vos en de Craen is hosting a hilarious Carnival bingo on Friday night, February 12. Starting at 20:11 there will be an abundance of games, turbo rounds, improvisation and of course lots of music. The best part? Participation is free and you can win prizes, win-win situation!


Undoubtedly one of the most used words of the past year. Not surprising, because it's just nice to bring the coziness into your home. This is no different with Carnaval. On Saturday, February 13, 013emblemen organizes a special Carnaval livestream, with performances by Partyfriex and Tommy Santo's music bingo, among others. On their website, 013emblemen offers a number of extras. With the offer of bingo cards, Kruikenballen and home packages with decorations and the necessary drinks, you'll have everything you need.


D'n Opstoet is of course also part of the Tilburg Carnaval celebrations. After d'n Opstoet was cancelled last year due to a storm, C.V. Tis Veur Mekoar filmed a mini-Optstoet with Playmobil cars. This year, together with Ontdekstation013, they will make it bigger and definitely smaller. With cars made by true Tilburgers and a proper Playmobil audience, it promises to be a worthy parade. All creations can be seen on Omroep Tilburg on Sunday, February 14 at 14:11.

At-home packages

Other entrepreneurs in Tilburg will not leave the Kruikenzeikers out in the cold this year. Kraftbier offers a real Kruikenbox. A package with their own Carnaval lager Kruikenzeik, Schrobbelèr shots, sausage rolls, decorations and a playlist with the best Carnaval music. The box can be picked up the week before Carnaval.

Absoluta has something for everyone with a range of 6 Carnaval packages. Each package includes something to drink, a snack and the necessary decorations. So whether you're going to be dancing through the living room with or without alcohol, with the packages from Kraftbier and Absoluta you're off to a good start.

Summer Carnaval

Beachy is looking further ahead and will not leave Tilburg out in the cold. With good spirits and a big dose of hope, Beachy organizes the Kruikenstrand on August 28 and 29. It will be like celebrating Carnaval like the good old days, but just a little warmer.

So keep February 12 to 16 free in your calendar, cancel those Zoom meetings and celebrate Carnaval from the comfort of your couch, as only the true Kruikenzeikers do. There is plenty to do, so 'Kèk mar wegge sjouwt'.

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