Start development GroeiTuin013

Good news for all lovers of green, healthy and social life. The time has finally come. With the council decision of 2 February last, the final hurdle has been taken: GroeiTuin013 will soon be starting at the Stadsakker and will thus be making a unique contribution to Stadsbos013!

Preparing plot for first season

The decision of the Municipal Executive came just in time. The first flower bulbs are already sticking their heads above the ground, the growing season is about to begin. Anyone cycling past the plot of GroeiTuin013 (corner of Reeshofdijk/Zwartvenseweg), can see that a lot still needs to be done before the first sowings can be planted.

Together with Brouwers Groenaannemers, the first major mechanical earthworks will be carried out in February. After that, work will continue manually on planting the hedge, laying paths, preparing the cultivation beds, and so on.

Step by step

The layout of the plot is the first step in the realization of GroeiTuin013. Ultimately, the intention is to create a beautiful central pavilion. A place for education, meetings, a local produce store and supporting daytime catering with a lovely outdoor terrace. Unfortunately, 2020 was not a good year to raise funding for such a building. Therefore, there will be a phased development. Over the next few years, temporary housing will be used for the work areas, volunteer quarters and a simple store. The final building will be completed no later than 2024.

Growing and flourishing together

Stichting Het Werkt, together with all the volunteers and day care workers of StadsTuinderij Piushaven, has worked hard for years to demonstrate the value of an open, collective garden and to give it a permanent place in Tilburg. Despite these efforts, the realization of GroeiTuin013 would not have been possible without the contributions of many sponsors, large and small.

Tilburg Akkoord, Zusters van Liefde, Municipality of Tilburg, KNHM, Brouwers Groenaannemers, Jopiefonds, Vaillantfonds, Oranjefonds, Kansfonds and Lions Tilburg. Many thanks for your support and trust!

Want to become a volunteer? Sign up now!

StadsTuinderij Piushaven will close its doors this spring and most participants are eager to continue at the City Garden. New volunteers from surrounding areas such as Wandelbos, Het Zand, Kruidenbuurt and Gesworen Hoek and the Reeshof are very welcome. There is plenty of work and as the experience at StadsTuinderij Piushaven shows: it is great fun. So if you would like to join or receive more information, please contact our coordinator Karin Moers at or 06 30759572.


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