Exciting walks with the Vossenstreken-app

Walking has become spectacularly more popular since the lockdown. Rightly so! And it can be even more fun. Would you like to take your family with you and do something completely different? Download the free app Vossenstreken, the best hiking app for families, and go hiking in your own area. There are more than ten locations, so there is always a route nearby. You can do this in many rural areas of Brabant, but also within the city limits of Tilburg. Indeed, even in the center of Tilburg you can go out into nature!
It does not stop at walking: along the way Robin, the "outdoor boss", will tell you about the secrets of the landscape and he has fun assignments for everyone. The assignments are suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old and the average length of a route is 3.5 kilometers. Ideal for families! What are you waiting for? 

Going outside, being busy together, learning all kinds of things about trees, tiny insects or birds, and picking up a lot of local history along the way. Vossenstreken is a super fun hiking app for the whole family, with surprising routes that you can often walk all year round. It's free! No prior knowledge of nature is required, anyone can participate. There are assignments for the person in the group who can feel, hear or see the best, for the tallest person or the person who can organize best. So you become smarter while walking! 

On the road with Robin 

Vossenstreken was developed by Natuurmuseum Brabant, Brabants Landschap and Kempens Landschap (BE), with the aim of bringing families more into contact with nature. There are already about forty routes online and new routes will be added in the course of this year. 

One central figure recurs in all the routes: outdoor boss Robin. He is the virtual nature manager of all the areas where the walks can be done. This gives him so much work that he has to be helped by the children. Normally you are invited to cross the national border. Due to the Covid pandemic this is unfortunately not possible, but as soon as the measures are lifted we encourage you to go for a walk abroad.  

New walks all the time

Those who download the app can start immediately in the chosen area. On site you can choose from various themes that are unique to the area: for example kingfishers, bats or soldiers. This way, the walks can be done several times and are different every time.  

All routes are good to walk with small children, take about an hour and normally there are always restaurants nearby (although they are currently closed until further notice). Perfect for a family hike!  

General information 

Brabants Landschap, Kempens Landschap and Natuurmuseum Brabant all aim to bring nature and landscape closer to people. In the case of the app, the main objective is to bring families into contact with nature. Vossenstreken deepens the experience of nature during an "ordinary" walk.
The routes are permanently maintained so that they remain fun to discover.
Curious? You can find more information on the websites of the organizations. All information about the app can be found at www.vossenstrekenapp.com. Have fun!    

Vossenstreken can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.  

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