Sofa Sensations: online living room concerts

Are all those talent shows too far away? Not any more! While your father, the neighbor and the barking dog may be begging you to turn down the volume, Factorium is asking you to turn it up! For the online living room concert contest 'Sofa Sensations' Factorium is looking for the best living room artists!

You can send in your musical vibes from, say, your couch, recliner, meditation cushion or - for the ultimate chillers among us - your bed! To participate, send in one song. Don't forget to tell us who you are, what you're going to play and why. Put yourself in the spotlight, you deserve it!

So plug in your instrument and/or microphone, press the 'rec' button, blast your talent through the speakers and send the video of your own mini living room concert via WeTransfer to, no later than April 11! The winner will be chosen on Friday April 23 and will receive a nice prize! The best videos will also get a digital stage: they will be broadcast on social media.

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