Roadburn Redux is back with another 3 days of heavy music

This year the internationally renowned festival Roadburn returns with an online edition: Roadburn Redux! Next weekend (April 16 to 18) fans of heavy music will be able to tune in live from all over the world for a feast of exclusive performances. So no long lines in front of Poppodium 013 this year, but long live broadcasts full of shows, premieres and special performances. We spoke with a fan from the very start: Tim van der Zanden.

What does Roadburn mean to you, we asked Tim: "Apart from being a very nice event, Roadburn is a gathering with friends and other like-minded people. Discovering new bands, the excitement of seeing your favorite acts, but most of all, relaxing. My first Roadburn was in 2012; I only went to the afterburner on Sunday. It no longer exists as such, but has become a full-fledged festival day. I've been going every year since 2013. My girlfriend Lauren went for the first time in 2019., which was unfortunately the last time due to the corona virus."

Full lineup

With more than 80 acts on the programme, Roadburn Redux doesn't have the smallest line-up. So just like every year, fans will have to pick their favorite acts. One advantage this year is that all performances can be viewed at a later date! You could even watch a couple at once, although we're not sure if that's advisable. Does Tim actually have a favorite artist? Tim: "I've enjoyed Great Grief, Thou (Misfits covers at the Ladybird), Panopticon, The Body, Terzij de Horde, Perturbator, Opeth, Deafheaven, Baroness, Raketkanon, Urfaust, Daughters, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Ulver, Goat, the list goes on and on haha. Lauren thought Thou and Death Wish were really cool. She also really enjoyed Triptycon with the Metropole Orchestra, partly because she has played the violin herself and therefore has a fondness for stringed instruments. For this edition, we are especially looking forward to the shows of Wayfarer and Hexvessel."

The hotspot during Roadburn is...?

According to Tim, the Koepelhal is a very good addition to the three-day festival. Previously he also liked to stand in the Patronaat, unfortunately that venue is no longer open. "It was a heavily charged moment to see the last band play there and say goodbye to such a beautiful building as a show venue."

This is what a day at Roadburn looks like for Tim

"During Roadburn, friends from France always sleep at our place. Sometimes also other friends who for example are only going for one day or didn't know the way to the hotel the night before. After breakfast we usually head to Poppodium 013 early in the afternoon, before the first band starts. We then drink the now second beer as a group. Then the roads diverge and everyone goes to the act he or she most wants to see. We wander and run from one place to another, always a busy program with always enough friends to talk to. After the afterparty in Poppodium 013 we arrive home, tired but satisfied. Sleeping on time is usually not an option, but the next day we go back to the festival site with good courage and lots of energy!"

The youngest visitor of Roadburn Redux 2021

This year, Tim introduces a very young member to the Roadburn group, being his not yet two-month-old daughter Zana. Together with Zana and his wife Lauren, Tim will watch the livestream from their couch. "It's a shame our French friends can't come, but as brand new parents we would have skipped the festival this year anyway." A stroke of luck, shall we say! "We're going to enjoy it together and next year we'll be back again."

Tilburg is Roadburn and Roadburn is Tilburg

If Tim could express one more wish for Roadburn, it would be for the band Portishead to come to the festival. "Maybe then we'll even get our parents to come along", jokes Tim. According to him, Roadburn fits in perfectly with a city like Tilburg: "Sometimes it's even almost unreal that Roadburn as an internationally known festival takes place in Tilburg, but then I think about the fact that I can walk from Poppodium 013 to my own bed and then I feel really happy."

Roadburn 2021 (Roadburn Redux) will take place online this year from Friday, April 16 to Sunday, April 18. The festival can be watched live, but you can also watch it later at a convenient time. Please note: Roadburn Redux will not remain online forever, so don't wait too long! Roadburn Redux is free to watch. If you like you can leave a donation.


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