Premiere of Last Resistance, about clasping and saying goodbye

On Tuesday, July 13, Last Resistance will premiere. Choreographer Annemijn Rijk has created a performance about how we sometimes store traumas and events in our bodies and how they sometimes burst out, unannounced and uninvited.

Last Resistance is a duet between a young man's gripping body and the clear, warm voice of the messages it plays, again and again and again. It unfolds fragmentarily, like a fever dream. The young man desperately clings to what he has left in an attempt to hear from the voice how to proceed, how to bear the cold sweat on his body without her.

That which has happened is indeterminate, but that which it does to the body is inevitable. Blazej Jasinski's long, lithe and at the same time brittle limbs cramp up, accumulate tension and eagerly interlock, seeking control. Only to burst apart again, at the most impossible moments, swinging around like unguided projectiles, looking for hope and redemption, for breath, for space, for light or illumination.

Last Resistance is a performance about taking hold and saying goodbye. About intimacy and distance. About addiction and survival. About rock bottom and hope, isolation and connection, about physical sensations and missing, sacrifice and healing.

With Body of Art, Annemijn Rijk's platform and multi-year art project, she creates artistically high quality yet accessible work; raw and direct, uncompromising as well as feminine, honest and hopeful. Body of Art is rooted in Brabant and spreads its wings from there to the rest of the Netherlands and Europe. She is supported by De Nieuwe Vorst and Chassé Theater.

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