Postcard for Brabant

Positivity Vaccine

Hospitality, theme parks, B&Bs, zoos, climbing forests, canoe rentals, theaters, events, hotels; the tourism / recreation sector squeaks and creaks under the corona policy. Time to give our Brabant entrepreneurs a massive boost in the run-up to the new tourist season, when the doors will be open again. Even if it's just a crack: every guest counts! Hospitality in Brabant should soon prevail as never before.


So send a (digital) greeting card with your personal message to your favorite pub, petting zoo, meeting place, restaurant, entertainer, caterer, heritage site and to all the other entrepreneurs in Brabant you care about. In a few simple steps you give that well-deserved support. Here's to these entrepreneurs receiving an abundance of guests with typical Brabant hospitality.

Get involved! Go to and send as many digital cards as you want.

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