Out and about with your Valentine

From 13 to 22 February, go out with your Valentine and discover the new walk of Stadswandeling 013. After a number of successful walking concepts, a special Valentine themed edition has been created! The Stadswandeling 013 has not been idle lately to get everyone off the couch. Through fun walks they offer online, they simultaneously support various catering businesses in Tilburg.

After offering fun Tilburg routes, De Stadswandeling 013 wanted to pay attention to the most loving day of the year: Valentine's Day. They do this by means of a special Valentine's walk that passes by a number of romantic pit stops. A fun and active way to enjoy a beautiful, snow-covered Tilburg.

The walk that is offered can be walked on your own initiative. For only €3,50 you'll receive the route and the Valentine's deals, which can be used at the participating hospitality establishments. Perfect to share with your date, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, you name it! Of course, eating everything yourself is also more than a good plan. In love or not, it's always nice to get a breath of fresh air when love is in the air!

The special Valentine's walk is valid from 13 to 22 February and you can register here.

Once you've registered, the route will immediately come to you!

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