New city photographer of Tilburg 2021 Angelique Cornelissen goes for connection

| Sanne Leenders

It's 2021. The year in which Angelique Cornelissen may call herself City Photographer of Tilburg. "A great honor and challenge", says Angelique. There is no shortage of ambition and enthusiasm! Whether Angelique's approach will be completely different from that of her predecessors is something we will see. We asked her about her role as City Photographer of Tilburg and of course her unfiltered opinion about the city. 
Photos: RAWCAT Media

Angelique is an artsy person with a great passion for photography and art. For example, Angelique tells us that ever since she was young, she has always been out and about with a camera. 'My strolls', she laughingly calls them. "During my walks through the city I capture everything. Where it used to be a lot of black and white analog street images, it is now more often an interesting composition." Despite the fact that photography is Angelique's passion, it is not the field she ever entered. "I was going to start part-time at the film academy in Belgium, but due to corona I had to postpone those plans. Right now I am looking for a job in media or something within the arts and culture sector. With my art school background, it seems cool to me to combine art with film, but I am also interested in meeting people and listening to their stories. What exactly I want to do with that I still have to figure out, but who knows, maybe this path will lead me to new insights. In any case, I'm really looking forward to it!"

Coincidence or planned?

Angelique had already hesitated several times about her participation. Now, in 2021, she has participated and even managed to win the title. What goes through your mind when you hear your name on the microphone? "Unexpected, super fun, and all the other words that have enthusiasm as a synonym. I want to do things differently than my predecessors. I am someone with ten thousand ideas in my head, but one thing was immediately clear: I am going to involve the citizens of Tilburg. Especially in the current situation, I'm looking for a connection. I'm glad I took the plunge to participate." So was it really a fluke or still a planned action? "During one of my walks through Tilburg, I took this shot. When I saw it again later I knew I had to submit this photo."

2021 is not the year of the standard photo

"In my photos, I let the DNA of Tilburg shine through, but don't expect me to take pictures for postcards. I am much too stubborn for that." Not with Angelique, no standard skyline. "In recent years I have been busy discovering new compositions in places by means of analog mirroring. I also want to highlight other locations and situations. We are all so focused on the Spoorzone and Piushaven. I sometimes have to laugh at the phrase: 'Tilburg is a raw city'. Super nice, but also show that and not only the known areas. I'm going to trigger people to go out and discover their own city. There are so many more locations worth seeing in the city than meets the eye." A good example is the building where the photos in this article were taken: the Melkfabriek.

Tilburg pride

"I'm not a technical photographer and I'm sure I'll go out of my way sometimes, but that's part of it too. My photos always revolve around a certain story and experiment. I make photos by feeling and everyone's taste is different, of course. I found the photo of the other finalist, Jostijn Ligtvoet, very nice! I also found Piet Kuijten and Mariëlle Knops to be deserving finalists. I think a photographer should have balls and an eye for detail. Examples for me include Stephan van Fleteren, Vivian Maier, and Henk Linnenwiel."

An inclusive makers' city

According to Angelique, Tilburg is definitely a makers' city, but according to her not yet for all. "I already see a lot of great cultural participation projects, but I also see a gray area. I think there are still many unknown makers from Tilburg who deserve a stage and are not getting one. I would like to see how we can tackle this." Angelique has already made the first step towards this connection. On her ​Facebook page she regularly calls on people to participate in her city photo. 2021, the year in which Angelique Cornelissen can call herself City Photographer of Tilburg. We are looking forward to it! Are you too?

Unfiltered opinions of the people of Tilburg

Within this section, we give creative people from Tilburg a stage. A ticket to... the expression of their unfiltered opinion about the city. Are you curious who else has something to say about Tilburg besides Angelique Cornelissen? Then read these interviews:

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  • Rob van Trier: ‘Rob van Trier wants to catch the light of Tilburg.’
  • Marc Storms: ‘Taking the strolling slats.’
  • Ruud Lemmen: 'The sound of Tilburg is outspoken.'
  • Tim Henrik Scheider: 'Building mazes means having my whole life in order.'
  • Lois de Jong: ‘This is a typical city that suits me. The plants are starting to grow.’
  • Lotte de Laat: ‘Lotte portrays Tilburg’
  • Anja Reinhardt: ‘Unfiltered Anja Reinhardt.’
  • Ruud van Eeten: ‘Now it's the Reeshof's turn!’
  • Rob van Steen: 'At Theaters Tilburg we think even smarter than your supermarket around the corner.' 
  • Ron van Gestel: 'Tilburg is by far the ice hockey capital of the Netherlands.'
  • Stefan van Aarle: 'Tilburg, dare to show more urbanity.'
  • Hans van Dongen: ‘The filter is coming off at our new city photographer 2020: Hans van Dongen.'
  • Fiona Zachariasse: ‘The Tilburger can be more proud of the city.’
  • Magic van Heeswijk: ‘I really think Tilburg is a city for skateboarders.’
  • Joris van Corven: ‘More opportunities for entrepreneurs to showcase themselves.’
  • Michel Deneef: 'With us, not 1.5 meters away, but 1.5 meters of Villa Pastorie experience.'
  • Joep van Gassel: ‘We are becoming more and more well-known as a city, but we also have to stay raw.’
  • Jet van Baast: "Tilburg is carnival and carnival is Tilburg"
  • Tim Frenken: “10 years ago they didn't understand why I went to Tilburg, that's different now.”
  • Piet van Dycke: "I hope Tilburg continues to dream."
  • Theo Misiedjan: “Tilburg is the city of urban culture."
  • Stefan Jansen: "Let's take the lead together to alleviate poverty in Tilburg. Then I am really proud."
  • Marcel Kattestaart: "My wish for Tilburg in 2021? That we get out of the construction pits one day!"