NK Tegelwippen: The city derby

Tegelwippen, what's that then? Several municipalities from across the country are competing to make their city the greenest. So get rid of those tiles! In 2020, Amsterdam and Rotterdam already took on the challenge. This year, Tilburg will join in as well. Of course, one question remains: how can we win?

This year's NK Tegelwippen will be a lot bigger. More than 25 municipalities have registered in the battle for the much desired Golden Tile. Tilburg is also participating and will face Breda in the derby battle. 


From March 30 to September 30, you can enter the number of tiles you've replaced by greenery and a picture of your garden or facade via the website. Each tile is one step closer to winning the derby. Maybe your tiles will even help Tilburg win the Golden Tile!


All municipalities are different, of course. With more residents, it would be easier to win if the absolute number of tiles was counted.

That is why a relative count is used. This means that the number of tiles replaced by plants is divided by the number of inhabitants per municipality. That way it stays fair!


The NK Tegelwippen is part of a broad campaign 'A greener Netherlands starts in your own garden'. The ambition is to encourage and help residents and municipalities as much as possible to make their outdoor spaces as climate-resistant as possible. Think of replacing tiles with greenery and the collection of rainwater. So Tilburg, roll up your sleeves and show Breda that we are the greenest!

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