New in Tilburg: Carpaccio Club

The Carpaccio Club puts your favorite classic on the menu in a brand new way. Because when you say carpaccio, you don't just say meat. Fish, veggies and fruit can be sliced just as beautifully and easily. How does that taste? Like more, of course. Welcome to the club!

Lunch, dinner ... and DRINKS!

On a sandwich, through a salad or without a fuss on your plate. From beef to beet or salmon: the carpaccio's are to die for. There are surprising new variants on a regular basis, so you never run out of things to eat! Besides the best carpaccio's, there are beautiful main dishes from the Green Egg for those who are even hungrier. You can finish your dinner with sweet desserts or a cheeseboard. All in style of course!

Carpaccio Club is more than just lunch and dinner. "La dolce vita" is highly valued here, so for drinks you're also at the right place at Carpaccio Club. The menu is full of fine wines and champagnes, beers, signature cocktails and of course the best bites. Whether you're coming for a drink in the evening or afternoon, once you enter the foodbar or sit in the sun on the colorful terrace, you really do not want to leave. And you don't have to! You can stay until late at night while listening to good music.

Carpaccio; surprisingly versatile

Carpaccio is originally a dish of raw, thinly sliced beef. Nowadays, the name refers more to the "wafer-thin slicing", and that yields endless possibilities!

Meat, fish, vegetables and fruit in endless flavors and varieties. After a lot of testing and even more tasting, the foundation for the new food bar was there: the Carpaccio Club. Because "One lucky thing, carpaccio never gets boring."

Working at Carpaccio Club?

The renovation is moving towards the final phase and as soon as it's allowed to open indoors, the doors can be opened! The team is also starting to take shape, but Carpaccio Club is still looking for Floor Managers, Waitresses, and an Independent Chef! Apply to

Seven days a week

You will find the Carpaccio Club on the Heuvel 49. With a nice interior, spacious terrace and delicious wines, champagnes and cocktails you can't get bored. You can dine every day from 12pm until the wee hours! The opening date depends on the corona measures, so keep an eye on the socials to stay informed!


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