Cinecitta Tilburg 105th anniversary!

From October 13 to 17, the 3rd edition of the 013 Cinecitta International Film Festival will take place. Cinecitta Tilburg once again organizes a unique "boutique film festival", in which 17 feature films from 15 different countries will be shown. Cinephiles can make a cinematic world trip and attend Q&A's with (inter)national filmmakers. On Wednesday, October 13, the festival kicked off with the film "My Wonderful Wanda." Also, that evening was the exact 105th anniversary of the opening of a cinema at 29 Willem II Street.

Oldest cinema in the Netherlands?

The fact that Tilburg houses the oldest cinema in the Netherlands is not always believed, especially above the rivers. Yet Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam celebrates its 100th anniversary at the end of this month and other cinemas that claim to be the oldest have been closed during the 2nd World War or moved to another location. Fact is that in the monumental building at Willem II straat 29 a concert hall was already completed in 1877. From 1904 onwards, films were shown here by travelling 'cinematographers'. They brought their own equipment and supported the films with music, singing, and explication. In 1916, a permanent cinema called De Nieuwe Bioscoop was opened in the Souvernirgebouw. After this, the cinema was renamed several times and was known in Tilburg under the names Cinema Royal, Ambassade, Camera 1-2. In 1984 the name was last changed to Cinecitta, named after the film studios in Rome.

Film Festival

More than 7,000 feature films are released worldwide each year, most of which are shown only once at one of the thousands of film festivals around the world. Many of these feature films die a quiet death after this. That's why 013 CIFF is showing a selection of 17 gems from 15 different countries from October 13 to 17. All films are entertaining, thoughtful and high-quality examples of the seventh art form - which probably no one in the Netherlands has heard of yet. All 17 films have been enthusiastically received at an (international) film festival in recent years and a large part has not been shown in the Netherlands before. This year 013 CIFF has 10 Dutch or Benelux premieres and even one European premiere.


Once again, several filmmakers will be present from countries including Brazil, Iran, Germany, Switzerland and Georgia. After their film, they will answer questions from the audience during a unique interview in the oldest cinema in the Netherlands.

Audience Award

The 013 CIFF also has an audience prize. The winner of the most popular film by the audience will receive a cash prize of € 1.500. This year, for the first time, there will also be a 2nd and 3rd Audience Award.

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