Mèn-wèl-bèlle Callcenter

Have you been sitting at home bored for months? Have you had the same conversations with the same friends 6 times already? Is your bubble so small by now that it's about to burst? Is it? Then the Mèn-wèl-bèlle call center is at your service on Saturday, March 27.

Do you miss the excitement of meeting a stranger? A beating heart? And are you ready for a new contact? Do you miss the moment when you accidentally bump into someone in the pub, apologize and then end up in an infinitely fun conversation? Do you miss making new friends on the toilet through a spontaneous conversation?

Krakers Tilburg presents: the Mèn-wèl-bèlle call center! Call 085-208-5744 on March 27th for an I-need-to-have-an-awkward-conversation-which-is-more-fun-than-expected call and meet people you don't know yet.

How does it work?

It's simple! On March 27, the Mèn-wèl-bèlle call center will be open for all your calls. You can use this call center between 3pm and 8pm. After dialing the Mèn-wèl-bèlle number, you will be connected via a selection menu to one of the fantastic employees at the Mèn-wèl-bèlle call center!

Who can I call?

Krakers Tilburg will select a group of (un)known people from Tilburg for you to call on March 27. Think: a folk singer (Jason Haans), a humanist (Leonoor van Aubel), a drag queen (Noë Hosé) and a DJ (Rosalie Willemsz). A social gift in a time of social isolation.

About De Krakers (Bregt van Deursen and Lotte van Oudheusden)

With lots of love for 'the conversation' and new encounters, these two young theatre makers (to be) don't like to sit still. Bregt is a true Feyenoord fan and has at least one double appointment in her agenda. She is an activist who wants to discuss every topic with gusto and hates to crack jokes. Lotte is a wannabe-vegetarian ('no, from now on really') and after an attempt to live in Arnhem, she moved back to the beautiful 013. Her love for Tilburg is so great that she even had it tattooed.

When they go to a festival together, they immediately lose each other because they prefer to talk about (un)important things with unknown people. When the lack of these uncomfortable strangers became too big, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

About Krakers

This program is part of Krakers Tilburg. Krakers are young Tilburgers with outrageous ideas, idiotic fascinations and ridiculous energy. They are squatting in Theater De Nieuwe Vorst and filling all corners, cracks, cellars, halls and lawns with outrageous themes, disciplines and ways of thinking.

More info & program: www.denieuwevorst.nl/krakers


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