Jubilee edition Biënnale Brabant exists 5 years

"Making art accessible to a wide audience." With this in mind, Van Loon Galleries is extremely proud to be able to announce another edition of the Biennial this year, the experience exhibition where art and culinary enjoyment come together. From Thursday, November 11 through Sunday, November 28, 2021, the characteristic Koepelhal in Tilburg will be transformed into a true art experience for young and old.

This year no less than 40 (inter)national renowned artists will exhibit their works during the Brabant Biënnale. Every year they succeed in sharing their ideas, feelings and impressions with the general public through their art. The art movements they are particularly interested in are classical modern, expressive and figurative, expressed in a wide variety of forms such as painting, sculpture, glass art and photography. Joris van Loon, owner of Van Loon Galleries, is delighted to once again be able to exhibit the work of the artists: "The greatest common denominator of the artists we select is surely that their works are intriguing reflections of a unique view of the world today. The Biënnale is therefore not only an art event, but also a platform for contemporary ideas, impressions and feelings, which are translated with care and dedication into art that really touches people."

Stepping outside one's own gallery

Van Loon: "The motivation to start organizing the Biënnale was to make art accessible for young and old. We want to remove as much as possible the threshold people experience when stepping into a gallery. The stories of artists deserve to be heard. And the more people experience the beauty of art, the better. We seem to be succeeding in this aim: the Biënnale audience is becoming more and more diverse. We are extremely happy about this: after all, art is for everyone! That the Biënnale attracts a broad public is demonstrated by the fact that the first edition in Brabant in 2014 already attracted some 16,000 visitors. Previous Biënnale allowed Van Loon Galleries to welcome over 23,000 visitors in Tilburg."

Everyone should feel welcome to view art. Moreover, the entrance fee for the Biënnale is reasonable (€ 12,00), while the quality, quantity and variety of art is the same as that of renowned museums. It is also possible to enter into conversation with the artists, Joris van Loon or one of the other art experts at the gallery. The artists are happy to talk about the creation of their artworks, their craft and working methods and are happy to share their ideas behind the works.  


In addition to the side events of the partners, such as Rabobank, Veuve Clicquot and Van Roosmalen, which will provide a true experience, the beautiful stands of partner and jeweller Schaap en Citroen will also be open to visitors during the weekends. Royals and Rebels Art will once again be present at the Biënnale. This contrary and slightly cheeky art label focuses on new talent in contemporary art. The atmospheric Biënnale Brasserie, run by Wijnstra Catering, will also ensure that you can enjoy culinary delights during your visit to the Biënnale. Of course, during this edition of the Biënnale you can admire the latest works of art by the artists. In addition, art is brought to the attention of children by inviting a number of elementary school for an educational tour.

Culinary delights

Wijnstra Catering will open a pop-up brasserie during the entire exhibition. The 'Biënnale Brasserie' is the place to recover from all the impressions, to enjoy your art purchase or to meet friends and acquaintances. In a cozy and relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy delicious pastries with good coffee, tasty lunches, delicious snacks and drinks at any time of the day.

Public transportation

The Spoorzone is located right around Tilburg Station. From the platforms you walk through the public transport gates into the station passage. You can then walk right out of the station. You walk in just five minutes via Burgemeester Stekelenburgplein towards the north side and Burgemeester Brokxlaan, where you will find the Koepelhal.

A safe visit

For this event, all visitors aged 13 and above need a valid corona vaccination certificate.

For more information about this event, check out the Biënnale Brabant website.

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