Grab one for free: the 'Tilburg Vakantiestad' postcards!

Tilburg vakantiestad is in full swing and it shows! Send your friends and family greetings from the best vacation destination in the Netherlands with one of the Tilburg postcards. Free to take with you at one of the 8 locations.

Tilburg Vakantiestad

Until the end of October, Tilburg is all about vacations. And that's not without reason! Tilburg is the ideal all-inclusive vacation destination. Discover or relive the city like never before. With an agenda full of activities, there is always something to do.


A vacation needs a postcard. For 'Tilburg Vakantiestad' we developed a series of 5 postcards. With these cards you can send everyone greetings from Tilburg. The best part? We'll give you the cards. We leave the message to you.

8 locations

At the following locations in the city you will find the card racks with the free postcards. Do not wait too long, because OP = OP!

  • VVV Tilburg
  • NS Station Tilburg
  • Mercure Hotel Tilburg
  • NOIR lunch & borrelbar
  • De Wagon
  • Villa Pastorie
  • T-Huis (Spoorpark)
  • Stadscamping Tilburg (Spoorpark)

Ticket to Tilburg pas

To get the most out of your vacation, we offer several packages that allow you to enjoy your stay at low prices. With the Ticket to Tilburg pass you'll get great discounts and deals at various locations. To make it even more fun, the pass can be used by 4 people. You can find the pass at VVV Tilburg, Recreatiepark Duinhoeve, Hotel Mercure and in the cabs of Taxi Korthout. Check this page for all deals and locations.

Ticket to Tilburg Vakantiestad map

Are you now wondering where to find all these locations? Then we'll help you on your way with the Ticket to Tilburg Vakantiestap map. On this map you'll find information about all the hotspots, scenic areas and nature reserves of Tilburg. These maps can also be taken for free at all participating locations of the Ticket to Tilburg pass.


Combining your city trip with a trip to the Efteling and Safaripark de Beekse Bergen has never been so economical. With the combi ticket you can visit both parks for €60,-. That's a discount of € 12, - per person! The ticket can be booked via this link.

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