GiveLocal helps Tilburg retailers

Tilburg has a new corona initiative: GiveLocal. GiveLocal collects money and uses it to buy vouchers from small, local retailers who are closed due to the lockdown. They distribute these vouchers around the city to people who deserve a ray of hope, for example because they have run into financial difficulties, are lonely or have lost someone to corona. People who stick their necks out for others are also rewarded with a voucher.

GiveLocal is organized by a group of volunteers who care about the situation of small shopkeepers. Aziza Aboulkacem is one of the initiators, "My husband started his own barbershop during this time, which he'd started planning long before Corona. I see how many problems this lockdown brings, from financial stress to sleepless nights. Only with the support of all Tilburg residents can we pull these shopkeepers through. Standing together, after all, is what makes Tilburg Tilburg."

Flying start thanks to PvdA Tilburg

PvdA Tilburg gives GiveLocal a flying start. Group chairman Yusuf Celik immediately became enthusiastic when he heard of the initiative and donated the first 80 vouchers. "Meeting people and having the conversation makes a social city. We hope to stimulate small encounters with the vouchers we donate. Especially in times like these, we need to keep the conversation going and make Tilburg stronger and more social. I cordially invite other parties to donate as well!" said Celik.

Point of light in dark times

"With this initiative we want to give people a ray of hope in dark times. Therefore, we give the coupons that we buy from retailers to people who have an extra hard time in Corona time. We also give them to people who are always ready to help others. Anyone can nominate people and companies via", says co-initiator Jordy Sweep, who previously set up the successful WeCareNL. GiveLocal runs entirely on donations that come in through "I hope Tilburg will show its social heart again and donate en masse," Sweep said.

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