Doors of Schouwburg and Concertzaal wide open

In Tilburg you don't have to be bored for a single moment throughout the year. Even better: generally speaking, you miss more than you see. Luckily, we're here for you! Ticket to Tilburg is the leisure lighthouse on which you can navigate. The medicine against FOMO. The place where you can find out everything about the chilliest hotspots, the coolest events and the most beautiful cultural pearls. Like Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg (SCT, formerly known as Theaters Tilburg), the stage of and for the city. Marketing manager Anne Beijer tells more about this change.
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It was a surprise for a while, this summer. The posters of "our" theater in the city suddenly had a different sauce. In other words: a new logo and a fresh color. And that's not all. The name 'Theaters Tilburg' was also replaced by Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg. What's happened? Apart from that sauce and the new name, everything remains the same, assures marketing manager Anne Beijer. "We are still exactly the theater and concert hall you already knew. Only how we present ourselves is fresher, more contemporary. After a year and a half of doors open, doors closed, this is a great time to rise like a phoenix. So we say, "People, we are so happy to welcome you back. Be welcome!"

"We are serving to our surroundings. We always have been."
- Anne Beijer

Spot on

Tilburg's schouwburg en concertzaal have been fixed values and central parts of the cultural heart of the city since 1961. The building stands proudly and firmly at the Schouwburgring and its doors are open to all. You go there for the best musicals, theater and dance performances or concerts. Anne: "We are serving to our surroundings. We always have been". The new look and feel you see on posters and in booklets now radiates that too," she says, pointing to the program from September through November. "The picture of the performance determines the color of the frame. This makes the picture stand out much more. And that's exactly what we do as a theater and concertzaal. Putting artists and visitors at the center, letting them shine. So that they return home inspired at the end of the evening." 

“Before anything else, SCT is stage of the city. And that also means giving people the stage.”
- Anne Beijer

Take that stage

Anne explains that SCT is the city's stage for everything. And that also means that you have to give people the stage. Not by putting them on the stage just like that. But by helping them, through professional coaching, to create something really cool, special and relevant. And that happens, for example, with T*Agency, SCT's award-winning youth platform. Via Instagram and their own website, members exchange knowledge and are given the opportunity to start up projects together. Goldfished's talk shows and Ninja Patrol's Big Geekshow are great examples of this. "But we also had, for example, a stand-up comedy night with young comedians. Before the break it was laughter, after the break it got serious. Then there was a debate about questions like: How far can you go as a comedian?" In this way, SCT connects young people and young adults to its stage, Anne knows. Often these are target groups that were less likely to find their way to the theater before. Will there also be such an experience stage for other ages? "Ha, good question! We do plan to expand this concept further. With Grijs Gedraaid, Huisorkest Kamarata Zuid, for example, is already targeting single seniors. And we also give space to other initiatives. So that we can better fulfill our promise as a stage of and for the city."

Agenda ready? Check it out!

Corona has brought changes at the schouwburg en concertzaal. "In the performing arts, programming is done long in advance, and it's hard to break that. On the other hand, you see that artists want to respond to current events more often. That need has become even stronger through corona. And that requires a different dynamic," Anne points out. "That's why we now keep more room in our agenda, which also allows us to program things more spontaneously so that we continue to offer what is appropriate for the times." So it pays to check SCT's agenda regularly for updates. "Starting next year, we will work with a fixed day on which we will announce new program elements. Which day that will be, will follow. Then you'll know exactly when to join us."

"Last time I was at both with tears in my eyes from laughing, almost to the point of being embarrassed, so I can't wait!" 
- Anne Beijer

Festival vibes, spoken word and crying with laughter 

What should we really be seeing in the near future, as far as Anne is concerned? "I'm really looking forward to Een Verzwegen Geschiedenis van Het Zuidelijk Toneel in February. Thematically, this performance is very topical, and as far as I'm concerned it shows exactly what theater should be: another story, a new perspective, which broadens your horizon. And all this with a combination of spoken word, stories and the collaboration with Top Notch, among others. Really a hit. We also recently announced Better Get Hit Festival, which will take place on the Saturday of the festival. Very cool: a real festival vibe, but in the theater! And with already known headliners like Kovacs and Jungle by Night, it's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned what I'm doing on January 15, haha." And then for the people who, like Anne, are big fans of comedy: "You don't want to miss the new shows by Wim Helsen and Daniël Arends. Last time I was at both with tears in my eyes from laughing, almost to the point of being embarrassed, so I can't wait!" 


SCT's calendar is once again chock full of special, breathtaking and hilarious program features. Are you going to a performance? Then make sure you have the Corona CheckApp plus QR code on your phone before you go to the theater. You may also be asked for proof of identity. Furthermore, there are no restrictions in the theater. 

Before or after the performance you can enjoy a drink in the foyers and the Theatercafé. Some performances also offer a dinner package. For Amélie the musical, for example, SCT is working with De Burgerij. Is there no possibility to eat in the theater, and you still want something to eat? Then Anne has a tip. "My recommendation is Bistro St. Sjaak on the Heuvelring: oysters, steak tartare and cheese after - don't bother. With such a well-filled stomach you will enjoy our program even more. Bon appetit and hope to see you soon!"

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