Doloris: escape from the world

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After a surreal period, Doloris has reopened its doors. Fortunately they know all about surrealism, they even specialize in it! In this creative complex you can stimulate all your senses, both in the tasteful rooftop bar and in the absurdist Meta Maze, a unique art maze. Now that this magical place has reopened, the organization has all kinds of surprises in store for the incoming public. Melissa Kivits, designer and marketeer at Doloris, lifts a corner of the veil for us. She has been in the maze a thousand times herself, but is happy to take us with her one more time.

Escape from the world

Doloris' Meta Maze opened its doors in early 2019. For more than ten months, artists from Brabant built the maze together with the collective Karmanoia from Berlin. Together with Melissa, we dive through the 40 experience rooms spread over 400 square meters, in search of the unknown. "What I think is so cool about the Meta Maze is that you can really escape the world for a while," says Melissa. "To get away from corona, your phone, crowds and just be with yourself and your thoughts. This art maze is unique in the world. So when visiting Tilburg you really shouldn't miss this." Funnily enough, in the art maze itself there is a lot to miss, at least if you are not paying attention. Melissa: "The maze is a free-roaming experience. You choose your own path. The first time, people miss large parts of the maze because they are impressed. But even if you come to us a second or third time, you may still not discover everything."

"What I love about the Meta Maze, is that you can really escape from this world for a while."
- Melissa Kivits


For visitors who return, there are all sorts of new things to discover anyway, according to Melissa: "But we like to keep that a secret, we want people to discover it for themselves. We can tell you that at the entrance there are now interactive pillars. Here, people can scan their tickets, get access tokens for the maze and an explanatory video. The experience is now completely streamlined, everything works better there now." Secretly, we had hoped for a scoop. Can't you release something, even if it's very cryptic? Melissa: "Unfortunately, haha. What I can tell you: there were people here the other day who had already visited our maze and were delightfully confused. That's all I can give away."

Hands down

Doloris attracted tens of thousands of visitors each year, then suddenly it became zero. The surreal maze became even stranger without visitors. But in terms of activities on the work floor, it was anything but quiet, says Melissa: "We have been closed, but have always been busy. A renovation was planned sometime in the future, but when corona came we did it ourselves." The offices and 'unspecified other parts of the complex' were undertaken by the Doloris team, much to Melissa's delight, "I always wanted to be a carpenter as a child, so that worked out well."

"I really enjoy that we get to host people again, that you can see they're having fun."
- Melissa Kivits


Despite the joy of remodeling, she is happy that Doloris has been allowed to reopen its doors. "I really enjoy that we can welcome people back, that you can see they're having fun," she says. Providing a meaningful experience is what Doloris is all about. Melissa: "I once spoke to a woman who came to Doloris more often. She told me that every time she was having a bad time she went into the Meta Maze. Afterwards she had cleared her head. I thought that was really cool, that you can do something like that for people."

The internal part

One floor up we find Doloris' Rooftop Bar. In addition to the maze, this is also a nice place to imagine yourself away from the world for a while. Melissa: "This is my favorite place to get a breath of fresh air in Tilburg. Looking out over the city with a drink and a snack is very nice. And the sunset from the rooftop bar is something you really have to see." Not only do they have an amazing view, tasteful small dishes from the kitchen (which you can enjoy sharing with friends) and sunshine. This is particularly the place in Tilburg to get delicious cocktails. Melissa: "The Passion Martini is super tasty, and very popular among visitors. But my personal favorite is the Tropical Granita: a mix of dessert, cocktail and slush. Oh, and we have Corona..." We take a step back. "...on tap! Doloris is the first catering business in the Netherlands with Corona on tap. I don't normally like it, but this is tasty and different than from the bottle, just a very fresh lager."

"The sunset from the rooftop bar is something you really have to see at least once."
- Melissa Kivits


As an employee at Doloris, what is it like to always have delicious cocktails, food and an art maze within reach? Melissa laughs, "I've been to the maze a thousand times myself. I know it like the back of my hand. But I still love to wander around in it. The rooftop bar is a little tricky for me, it's really tempting to go up here after work. Just to see if anyone is finished yet and then have a drink together on the roof terrace, before you know it, it's 10 o'clock. But I'm not complaining, haha." As the sun slowly disappears behind the city we get ready to return to the normal world. Or maybe we'll stay put for a little while longer.

Practical info

The opening hours of Doloris' Rooftop Bar and Meta Maze (Spoorlaan 21, Tilburg) can be found on Doloris' website. Here you can also purchase tickets for the Doloris Meta Maze.

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