Soak up culture for people in their twenties

| Sanne Leenders

Cultural activities? Grey woolen socks things and certainly not something you're going to get out of bed for? If that's what you think about culture then you should definitely read this blog. I went out for you as a real twenty year old to find out how I like to spend a day sniffing culture in Tilburg. I will tell you honestly, culture is really not just for the older guard!
Photo: Sanne Leenders

Tilburg. A city full of culture. Here you can admire the jewels of museums, stage artists and events on a daily basis. Do you want to do something else than always go to that dusty library or lecture hall? Then go and enjoy a day of culture in our beautiful city! 

Ready? GO!
My day started quietly. We'll just say to the culture of those in their twenties ;). With a tea I crawled behind my laptop in search of a filling cultural day. My eye fell on De Pont museum. This museum is full of contemporary art, made by big names. With this wonderful, almost call spring weather, I jump on my bike. The route to De Pont museum is easy to cycle. From Tilburg Central Station you are within 5 minutes on their terrain. Via the Spoorlaan you pass the Natuurmuseum Brabant and turn right onto the Gasthuisring. When you cycle straight ahead you will eventually arrive at the Wilheminapark. Turn left here at the end and you'll see the gates of De Pont museum approaching you. You are there! 

Anish Kapoor, Sky Mirror, 2017. De Pont museum

Art starts from the first step on the field 
When you thought that art could only be experienced indoors, you're in the short end. In the middle of the grounds of De Pont museum is the sculpture: 'Sky Mirror' by Anish Kapoor. This work of art can be viewed completely free of charge and is certainly worth a look.

Step inside! 
Sky Mirror from all sides? Then go inside in De Pont museum. Nice to know is that De Pont museum is free to enter every Thursday evening from 5:00 p.m., score!  The museum is closed on Mondays. Tuesday to Sunday it is open from 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. 

Upon entering the museum, the receptionist will point out to you that large bags, cameras and the like are not allowed inside. Of course we do not want the great works of art to be damaged. That is why there are enough lockers where you can store your belongings for 1 euro.

Exhibitions that can now be seen are displayed directly on a screen at the entrance. These are now: Sigrid Calon, Ann Veronica Janssens and Richard Long. In addition, there is always the own permanent collection of De Pont museum. 

De Pont Café. De Pont museum

No growling stomachs 
Your appetite for food is immediately appeased here. When you walk in you will immediately see the 'De Pont Café' appear. Within this inspiring space you can enjoy hot/cold drinks, sandwiches, salads but also pastries and snacks. Of course I tested it. I took the sandwich brie with small salad.

​Lunch, De Pont Café. De Pont museum

​De Pont Café. De Pont museum

De Pont Café. De Pont museum

Sigrid Calon and Ann Veronica Janssens
I started my tour through the Pont museum on the right. Bright, pink colored foil is what immediately strikes you when you walk the space of Sigrid Calon. On the information card I read the following:

'Calon's fascination for the grid started with a perforated board of hardboard and a few embroidery stitches. Entered into the computer are embroidery stitch lines and a graphic image is created with which you can vary.'

The exhibition is made of copper foil, a material from the packaging industry.

Sigrid Calon, De Pont I, II & III, 2019. De Pont museum.

Colours, lights, fog and mirrors 
During my visit to De Pont museum I dived from one surprise to the next. Where I first went among the flashy colored lights, I later stood in a fog room. It looked like a scene from a party, followed by a scene from a dark film. Ann Veronica Janssens is well represented within De Pont museum. The works I liked the most were:

Ann Veronica Janssens, RR Lyrae, 2014. De Pont museum


Ann Veronica Janssens, Gaufrette Sequence Randomly, 2018. De Pont museum 

Unfortunately, during my visit Richard Long's exhibition was still under construction. So you really have to visit it yourself.

The courtyard garden 
A day of culture gives you so many more impressions than you would normally get in the library, that sometimes it can become a bit more. Fortunately, De Pont museum also has its own courtyard garden. Here you can, sitting on one of the benches, enjoy the birds in the trees, and the first rays of sunshine of February. So here I let everything work on me for a while. I then left the museum completely relaxed.

Garden. De Pont museum

Movie and food 
What is a day of culture sniffing without a visit to Cinecitta? That's like a Christmas without snow, or Tilburg without its culture. That's why I close my day sniffing culture once again at Cinecitta with the film: Green Book. If you want to prevent this from happening during the film, have a meal in advance at the Cinecitta Ristobar. Here you can have lunch or dinner. Meat, fish, vegan and gluten-free dishes fill the extensive menu. There are many packages to order so that film and food are perfectly combined. So you can have lunch for 15 euros with a movie ticket! I took a delicious red wine and sat down in room 1. Green book is really a must! These are the films with depth that I can sometimes miss at Pathé. With a good feeling I left home.

Cinecitta, De Ristobar

Cinecitta, De Ristobar

Mijn dagje cultuur snuiven in Tilburg zit er weer op. Voel je vrij om deze dag te kopiëren. Ik kan je garanderen dat je cultuur zeker zult waarderen!

Sanne Leenders