'The Gateway to Ever', hidden in Tilburg

| Angelique Cornelissen

Tilburg 2021, daylight saving time & curfew in a split-second? 'Summertime' once introduced for various reasons. It now stands in stark contrast to current conditions. Are we running ahead in time? 'Spring forward'? You can put your own interpretation on that. 'Daylightsaving'? We still have until October the 31st. Looking forward to tomorrow, I was inspired by "on the pulse of morning", a poem by Maya Angelou. Knowlege is the keyword. From the past and the present we end up at the 'Gateway to Ever' which stands in the middle of a residential area in Tilburg. One where even the Minister of Culture came to Tilburg for from The Hague. What kind of story lies behind it? You will have to read a little further.

'A Rock, A River, A Tree'

The focus of this series is particularly on symbolism in combination with Heritage & Culture. This certainly includes the rich textile past of our city. Even now, although in a different way,  the textile museum with the textile lab has an important role. Experiment, vision and development are central to this. Using knowledge from the past and interweaving it with the present, with an eye to the future. In short, progress.

Our heritage also has less charming sides. The contrast between the rich textile manufacturers and the textile workers as well as the colonial past are part of our textile past. 'Strength and fighting spirit' is what it is all about. Why the choice of the sculpture by Miet van Puijenbroek and Kotomisi Patricia? In it lies a very beautiful connection. A good listener only needs half a word. 

The Museum Quarter is a good example where you see that the past and the present come together in a symbolic way. Among other things by De Pont museum and the TextielMuseum with the accompanying history. The art initiative PARK, various galleries, the wilhelminapark and the surrounding area are all developing rapidly! More ambitious plans are on the agenda, in which the Art and Culture sector play a role alongside residents and entrepreneurs. All that remains is to create a kind of Middelheim Museum, then we are finished!


The Gateway to Ever...

The beautiful colorful gate may not yet belong to the Tilburg icons, but I think it is a monumental masterpiece! I knew its history, but why the gate has this name? No idea. Maybe someone has the answer? 

You would expect such an elegant monumental wrought iron gate at some mansion or museum. Nothing could be further from the truth, it stands in the middle of a residential area on Rainbow Park. If you look down Cypresstraat, you can already see it standing at the very end. Even from the Watertorenstraat you can see the gate in the distance. Most people will recognize this bright yellow structure, but I suspect that it also raises many questions among the people of Tilburg.

Once the textile industry was widely represented in the center of Tilburg, including in the 'Dwaalgebied'. I remember the large factory buildings in the school street quite well. Urbexing did not exist back then, but we were doing it. And so the rainbow area was also full of factory buildings. You would expect the gate to belong to that. Which is not the case. What is special is that this gate stood on a site originally intended for the 'Dutch Textile Museum' and that was not in the Goirkestraat, but exactly where the Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital now stands. That is where the history of this beautiful gateway begins, as the entrance gate to the woolen fabric factory of Pieter van Dooren. 

The site was an important 'cultural heritage' that had to make way for the construction of the hospital. Ultimately, it was a disgrace for the city, which is not much talked about anymore. Even the Minister of Culture, Mr. Van Doorn, came to Tilburg to save what could be saved. Unfortunately he was too late! What has survived are the 'Factory Clock' and 'The Gate to Ever' which now serves as the entrance gate to the abandoned rainbow park. It would be nice if the gate 'ever' finds its destination at the TextielMuseum.

Want to know what goes on behind 'The Gate to Ever'? Feel free to go and take a look. And while you're there, plant a seed!
And maybe you're asking yourself, what about the future? I close with the words of Maya Angelou:

"And say simply
Very simply
With hope
Good morning"

Veel liefs,


"On The Pulse of Morning":
Bedrijfsboek Tilburg-historie

Suriname choir Pramisi
Patricia Tel
Statue Miet van Puijenbroek/kunstenares Margot Homan
Sheila Sadloe 
Willem R-Newt kids
Debbie van der Burgt
Senna Chumman
Djaygo van Helvoirt
Sanne Heesbeen
Jayden Seraus  
Nigel Seraus 
Photography and text: Angelique Cornelissen