Tim: 'Building mazes means arranging my whole life'

| Sanne Leenders

Where Tim creates the filter within the Doloris Meta Maze, we just take it off here. Meet Tim Henrik Schneider in this new Unfiltered article. Tim is the creative director of the Doloris' Meta Maze. Together with the Doloris' Rooftop, this creates an experience that you will remember for a long time. Is it your wish to discover Doloris? Check out this interview first and meet Tim!
Photo’s: Camiel Donders

We understand that everyone is eager to enter the Meta Maze of Doloris, but before you do, you should definitely delve into the mindset of the creator. Tim Henrik Schneider is the full name of the man who was born 39 years ago in the center of Berlin. Within the lively city he felt completely at ease. Tim is a talent in many things. Where he once started as a painter in the streets of Berlin, he grew into a role as decorative painter.

Unintentional is also an art
15 years ago, Tim started making what he calls: 'The first small installations'. That this unintentionally grew into what is now called Doloris he had never thought of before. Tim made paintings and graffiti, but he did not like the distance the visitors had to the art during the exhibitions. ‘I want the visitor to open up somehow. Communicate art through society and society through art. Now they come from their daily lives to look at a painting and then go home in the same way. That's not my goal.’ That's why Tim started making paths to the paintings. These paths became so creative and unusual that the visitor did not even get around to looking at the painting anymore. That was when Tim realised that building these corridors, which later became mazes, was a much better way to achieve his goal: to open up the visitor to art and to blur the distance to it. ‘In the end, they became mazes with the art inside, a kind of 3D drawings.’

From Berlin to Tilburg
Tim started building mazes as a 21-year-old young man. He didn't do this alone. Berlin is the city where Karmanoia saw the light of day. ‘Karmanoia is our lifestyle, we became Karmanoia. The name carries the energy of our actions.’ Karmanoia is a group of companions that work behind many magical projects like the one in Berlin: Peristal Singum. 'It seems chaotic, but it isn't!'


Peristal from ass to soul
What? From ass to soul? Yes, the name may sound a bit strange, but this was the first, really big maze. ‘What it meant was that you had to climb up from the toilet. You ended up in an apartment and in it you climbed through the intestines. "Peristaltic" is the automatic movement of our organs. Whatever you do, it's always be moving. The same thing happens with our desire to discover. This Meta maze is such a movement. As you move, you absorb the information.’

'Building mazes involves my whole life, there is nothing else'
For Tim, his whole life is about building mazes. It is not only the activity with which he gets bread on the table, but also the way to organize his whole life. ‘Everything I can do is incorporated into the maze. I am able to realize everything I want to realize. So it's actually the conclusion of all the arts. The maze is the expression of all the capacities I have. I feel like a magician.’

How is Doloris' Meta Maze?
Try to get an answer on that from Tim. You're not going to succeed! Tim only releases factual information about the magical universe. He says: 'It is accessible to everyone in a way that everyone can experience something different. It is an opportunity to reflect yourself by moving inside. It's only a matter of body condition, because you have to climb and crawl.’ It took 12 months from idea to execution to create this immersive art experience, which is very fast! This Meta Maze is further developed than the one in Berlin, but also bigger and safer.

‘The maze itself is certainly a work of art, but it is more. It's like a filter you can move through. A filter of consciousness. You go through it and then something happens. Art makes this possible.’

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Tilburg, an international magnet
Although Tim is a real Berliner, he also sees potential in Tilburg and its inhabitants. ‘Tilburg can just become an international magnet, the city is super easy to reach!’ Unlike the Berliner, the Tilburger is super direct. ‘They say what they want to say. I really like that!’ Despite the fact that he has been in the maze a lot, he has certainly been able to form an opinion about our city. ‘Tilburg is a strong and vivid city with a young and lively society. If you have an idea you can realize it quickly. In Berlin you have creative people in the city, Tilburg certainly has them too!’

Tilburg, make more room for creative places!
According to Tim, space for creativity is needed for a healthy inhabitant: 'It is soul food for society'. He mentions the Spoorzone as an example. As far as Tim is concerned, this zone could have even more creative hops, the possibility of your creative expression. ‘Once you can express yourself in any way, you become your best self. Give people the space to move themselves. Then you will have a happy society.’

Tim invites everyone to be part of the Meta Maze. ‘It only becomes the maze as a 3D drawing with the visitor in it. The visitor gets the chance to be part of the whole and also creates that whole.’ Tim closes the conversation with a word of thanks for everyone who has worked on this project and is a part of it. That will certainly be an Auf Wiedersehen Tilburg!


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