Having a drink in Tilburg. It's possible again!

Having a drink at your favourite pub, it seems like a distant memory. Ton van de Ven, founder of Crovv Videoconference, thought this should change. With the new initiative Horeca013.nl you can have a drink at your favourite bar or restaurant in Tilburg again. Cheers!

Local catering

On Sunday 31 January, the new platform Horeca013.nl went live and there was an immediate convivial atmosphere. At Wine Bar Cru, several groups had already joined together for a digital toast. "That is the ultimate goal, to bring people together again and to support the local hospitality industry. Times are different now, but there are always solutions for that", says entrepreneur Ton van de Ven. The cafe and restaurant owners themselves can also join in on the call.


We've had to adapt. Microsoft Teams and Zoom were downloaded millions of times to stay in touch with each other. Yet van de Ven takes a different approach: "On the website you can click on your favorite cafe or restaurant, choose a table and you can have a toast right away. This means you don't have to log in or download anything. It couldn't be easier. In addition, it is completely free and there is no revenue model used. It's really about supporting the local hospitality industry and of course the fun!





The new platform offers opportunities to get back together over a drink, but the story doesn't stop there. The drinks themselves have also been thought of. Through the website you can order a number of packages that have been put together with Darewines from Tilburg. The only thing you have to do is tell them in which bar or restaurant you will be toasting. At the end of each month, Horeca013.nl transfers the profit made to the right establishment. "The more packages that are sold, the better it is for your favorite establishment," according to van de Ven. If it's up to van de Ven, there will soon be plenty of digital get-togethers available in other cities as well. So, where will you have a drink?

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