Giveaway: Carnaval packages for at home

Carnaval 2021 canceled? Not if  Absoluta has a say! With their Carnaval packages, it will still be a party. If you order before Tuesday, February 9, a package with snacks, alcohol and confetti will arrive on your doorstep.

January is not known for being the most exciting month of the year. Thankfully, we Brabanders have a nice tradition to look forward to during this annual period: Carnaval. Unfortunately, this year everything is different. For months we have not been celebrating, our social life is limited and we work from home to a large extent. As icing on the cake, working parents combine this with homeschooling or care for the little ones, and in the meantime there's a curfew for the whole of the Netherlands. No, life is not a party. We are more than done with the coronavirus, but unfortunately the coronavirus is not yet done with us.


On behalf of Absoluta, we may give away 1 Carnaval package among our followers! What do you have to do?

Tag someone you'd share this Carnaval package in the comments on the Facebook message. 
Like the account of @absolutaplatform and @tickettotilburg 
Who shares has more chance to win!
You can participate until Sunday, February 7!

Anyway, Carnaval will not take place this year, but Absoluta wouldn't be Absoluta if they didn't come up with a creative solution for that. On its #1 office platform you can now order the one and only Carnaval packages for homeworkers. How does this work? Organize a fun online Carnaval get-together with your colleagues. Pick a date, tell us when the festive packages have to be shipped and share this happy news with your colleagues. The invitation to a virtual Carnaval party is simple: put on your suit, open Teams or Zoom and unwrap the surprise together. As they say in Tilburg, neem een brooike en een gouden rakker (of twee) en hos er digitaal op los!

Check out all the possibilities on the Absoluta website. 

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