La Poubelle

A beautiful old piano, an antique lamp, your new favorite book. Thrift store La Poubelle gives new life to old products. With a huge and colorful collection, there is always something that suits you.

Who are the entrepreneurs? 

"Those entrepreneurs are all of us! Whether you work at La Poubelle as a volunteer, intern, task force or permanent employee, no distinction is made. Everyone is equally important to the success of Poubelle."

What is unique about La Poubelle?  

"We have a very wide selection of second-hand. First-class goods for every purse. Due to the large influx, the assortment changes daily and there is always a gem to discover."

What do people come to your store for?

"Our visitors come to have a good browse and, by purchasing something second-hand, to help save the environment. But the atmosphere and the thought that with every purchase they support people for whom participating in society is not so obvious also definitely counts for our customers."

What is typically Tilburgian about your business?

"The conviviality and the enormous diversity of the public and the employees!"