Doloris is an otherworldly creative complex. Here you will find the world's largest art maze and an immense rooftop bar. A surreal world where all your senses are stimulated. Enter the world of Doloris.

Always wanted to get lost in another dimension? At Doloris in Tilburg you can. Ticket to Tilburg is in an adventurous mood and dives into the maze created by Joep, Jaap and Gijs.

What makes Doloris unique? 

Joep: "Doloris consists of a rooftop bar and a surreal art maze. In this Meta Maze, you can get lost and explore individually."

What do people come to Doloris for?

Gijs: "The Meta Maze is unique in its form and in the world. It is not an escape room, but an individual experience without a phone or watch. You are truly disconnected from the outside world and taken out of the daily grind by setting foot in another surreal world."

What is typically Tilburgian about your business? 

Jaap: "Tilburg is an innovative city, where a unique company like Doloris fits in well."